weight loss 360

A 360 camera can be used to monitor weight loss results. A 360 camera is used to take pictures with the aid of two lenses which are installed back-to-back for a full body image. This camera can also take videos while shooting at the same instant. The introduction of the 360 camera to monitor the weight loss results has led to radical improvements in the medical sector.

Weight loss is a major concern for those people who are obese.

Helloketodiet.com have decided to test one of our cameras as an experiment. The site and Christina Wistia are avid about this type of diet and want to bring it to life in 360 viewing. So what is the Keto Diet?

The Keto diet is a type of diet that is rich in fat content and has a low proportion of carbohydrates. The main objective of a keto diet is to help those people who have large huge weights to shift. Following the advised steps to the keto diet can enhance weight loss.

After undertaking the keto diet program as advised by a nutritionist, measurement of the results of this process follow. This is where a 360 camera plays a very significant role. A 360 camera to measure weight results of the keto diet will show significant outcomes of the diet, attributing to the fact that fats have been burnt in the body tissues. Traditional cameras cannot be used to carry out the task a 360 camera to monitor weight loss and maybe hold back photo encouraging images of progress.

The mechanism for measuring the results of the keto diet in the loss of body weight lies in the concept of three-dimensional body scanning. In this process, the 360 cameras monitor weight loss results and scans the body in all directions. This is why the 360 camera is so beneficial.


Simple steps are involved in using a 360 camera to monitor weight loss results of a keto diet. The process starts by attaching the 360 camera to a scientific scanner. Afterward, a turntable is linked to the scanner. The person who desires to assess the impact of a keto diet stands on the table, whereby the waist is measured. The scanner calculates the body mass of the person as well.

Eventually, the calculations are done by the system of the scanner, thereafter, the body mass index is displayed on a screen.

The 360 camera relies on the motion detection technique to collect data of the person on the turntable. The photograph which is taken as the person stands still on the pod will show the real-time changes attained through various constituents of the keto diet.

Furthermore, the 360 camera gives more than 10,000 data points which are analyzed by the scanner system instantly. In some sophisticated scanning 3-D scanning devices, the levels of risk can be described briefly from the data extracted by 360 camera to monitor weight loss results of a keto diet.